Club closed

To: All members of WSC Date: 20 March, 2020 WSC will be closed as of today 3-20-20 until further notice. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Very sorry for the inconvenience has caused you. As soon as the State of MA has given the all clear, the club will be open immediately.  Thank you E-Board RESPONSE REQUIRED: That you have received and understand.

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Pistol Training

From: E-Board To: All WSC Members Please be aware  that there will be no pistol training at the club. It is temporarily suspended until further notice.  The Pistol Range will be open for practice purposes only. Just be aware of “Social Distancing” Wipe off your area that you have occupied during your practice session.  The upstairs Archery Range will remain open for those who would like to shoot archery.  It is requested that All club members be aware of the health concerns, during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Regards, E-Board

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Dues Alert

Good morning WSC Members, All dues that have not been paid - pay them now by 20 March 2020. After the 20th of March fobs will be shut off for members who have not paid. In an abundance of caution with the current Coronavirus, please wipe down all surface areas with disinfectant wipes.  Regards, David Francis President WSC

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Loud Noises in the range

WSC Members, A few issues have come up that I wish to convey to you. I have had numerous calls about the loud sound in the range. The noise is loud due to the steel ceiling and steel underlayment in the archery range floor. The sound is particularly noticeable when members are shooting magnum loads, 357 and 44s. I really do want to exclude magnum loads. I’d like you to try this: magnum loads shot only when you are alone, or if someone else is shooting notify them first. I am open to any and all suggestions regarding this, or…

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Good Afternoon WSC Members, Your Weymouth Sportsman’s Club dues are to be paid at your earliest convenience. From this point forward: 1-3-2020 until 2-5-2020. The dues are the same as last year: It’s $150 and $25 non volunteer and $25 for the locker. Pay by check, you can put into an envelope and slip under the office door upstairs. Or you can mail to: WEYMOUTH SPORTSMEN'S CLUB 87 Sportsmen's Way PO Box 13 Weymouth, MA 02188 Happy New Year, David Francis WSC President

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Final Call for Dues!

To All WSC Members, The yearly dues for Weymouth Sportsman’s Club (WSC) are due by 7 January 2019. If the dues are not received by 31 January 2019 your fob will be turned off. The dues are as follows: $150.00, $25.00 for non-volunteer, $25.00 if you have a locker in WSC. Please be aware these dues keep WSC functioning  - (Utilities & Maintenance). Please respond as soon as possible. Dues are from January 2019 to January 2020. Please mail your check to the following address DAVID’S TIRE & AUTO, Karen Francis, 898 Turnpike Street Canton, MA  02021 Please note: Some of…

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Good morning WSC Members. A notification from Dick Striano:NRA pistol instructor class will be on Sat. Feb.16th - 8am. This class will make you an NRA firearms instructor, that will allow you to become a MA firearms instructor and do LTC classes. For additional info call or email Dick Striano 781 749 7271, or email Thanks, Dick.

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Good Afternoon WSC Members, There will be a general WSC meet held on 12 December, 2018 @ 6:30pm. Your presence is requested. The Eboard would like to form a new board.  Regards, Eboard President, David Francis

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To all Weymouth Sportsmans Club members.    We are planning to again try meetings.  Due to lack of attendance we stopped the general meetings.  We are planning a meeting on Thursday evening, Nov. 29th at 6:30 p.m.. This will be a meeting open to all members, particularly those interested in being on the executive board. Meetings usually last one hour, or less.   We hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving,  WSC executive board

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Hi WSC Members, The old card system is no longer active! If you want access to the WSC and have not paid your yearly dues - pay and receive your new FOB! For further contact: email Karen: and make the necessary arraignments to pay and receive you FOB! Another question that was brought up was the proper procedure for entering the pistol range. Just walking in while people are shooting is not a good idea.  Wait until the shooting has stopped, then turn off and on the light switch by the pistol room door, letting the shooters know someone…

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