The Weymouth Sportsmen’s Club is a non-profit organization. We maintain our facility through generous contributions of time and talent of our members. We also provide a variety of services to assist our local community.

  • WSC sponsors a Girl Scout troop who have the use of the ranges and the property for hiking and camping.
    The girls are taught proper handling of firearms; proper use of bow and arrows, kayaking, canoeing and fly fishing.
  • We also sponsor a Boy Scout troop. The scouts are taught the proper handling of firearms for their merit badges, they are taught the use of bow and arrows and have use of the property for hiking and camping.
  • As conservationists we promote keeping our land pristine and wild as possible. We encourage the propagation of wildlife, trees, plants, and our pond.
  • The Sportsmen’s Club donates gift certificates for food to the Veterans in the town of Weymouth on Thanksgiving and Christmas and we will respond at any time upon the agents request.
  • WSC donates food gift certificates to the Weymouth Food Pantry on Thanksgiving and Christmas. When asked we respond with help at any time.
  • WSC sponsors a junior program for children 11 to 18 years old. This program is held every Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8:30. The children are taught the proper handling and use of firearms, bow and arrows, and safety, safety, safety. We provide air hockey, darts, and pocket pool for the children.
  • Courses¬† are offered to become proficient in the use of firearms to the public to assist with obtaining a firearms license and to become a certified instructor.
  • We offer women’s safety courses at no charge for town employees, residents of Weymouth and surrounding towns.
  • Club members will help our neighbors if the need arises. We are in a residential zone.
  • Our doors were opened to students from the Weymouth Teen Center who were allowed the use of our archery range to sharpen and test their skills.