WSC Members,

A few issues have come up that I wish to convey to you. I have had numerous calls about the loud sound in the range. The noise is loud due to the steel ceiling and steel underlayment in the archery range floor. The sound is particularly noticeable when members are shooting magnum loads, 357 and 44s. I really do want to exclude magnum loads. I’d like you to try this: magnum loads shot only when you are alone, or if someone else is shooting notify them first. I am open to any and all suggestions regarding this, or anything else in the club. Email me

I am constantly dealing with guest procedures. Guests are not allowed to shoot without supervision of the member. Guests cannot shoot in a separate booth from the member, guests must ;be supervised by the member at all times shooting .  Guests that are family members are free, all others must pay the guest fee of $2.00. This money helps fund our expenses to run the club. Be advised that the range and all other parts of the club have camera surveillance. Please read the range rules, posted on the door and inside the range. Handguns up to 8 inch barrels and ammo up to 44 mag. Only 22 and 22 mag rifles and no shotguns. Pistol instructors please read training procedures: notify me first by email (to be sure space is available) and you must pay the club use fee of $25.00 per student at the time of training. If anyone has any questions regarding these or any other club policies contact me. This is our club, all of us, and it will take everyones cooperation the keep it functioning and running smoothly.

Thanking you in advance for you cooperation, 

Dick Striano

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