July 2024 -

Dear WSC Members,

From time to time, the firing range may be closed temporarily for a day or two once or twice a week, (not on weekends) , during the early mornings from usually 7 am to approximately noon. We have contracted with a company that will utilize the firing range to train and qualify certain law enforcement personnel. The days of the week may periodically change due to the requirements of the training agency. We apologize for some of the inconvenience of the range use.

Membership dues are due by the end of January each calendar year. The dues are $175.00 which includes the non-volunteer fee of $25.00. If you have a locker there is an additional charge of $25.00 for the year. When paying your dues by check, please include any contact information that might be outdated in our system. This includes: phone number, Home address, e-mail address, LTC number and expiration date. You can conveniently pay your dues online by visiting https://www.weymouthsportsmensclub.com/pay-dues/ – If you are paying late,
please select ‘Yes’ as there’s a $25 fee. If your FOB is inactive, you must also select ‘Yes’ to have it reinstates for a $25 fee.

Security System: Members, please be aware that we have security cameras throughout the club for safety reasons. Additionally, the entry and exit door has a new system and ALL FOB holders are recorded. Each member that swipes IN also must swipe OUT. When the alarm is set for the night and any person that does not swipe out, the alarm company notifies the police that someone is in the building
and may respond resulting in a false response and a charge is assessed to the club which will then be charged to the member that failed to swipe out.

Thank you.