WSC Closing Hours

11-5-20 From: David Francis To: WSC Membership Subj: WSC Closing after 9:30pm Starting tomorrow 11-6-20 WSC will close at 9:30pm and members can return after 5am in the morning. Attached is the rules set by Governor Baker. Regards, David Francis WSC President

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New Website

To all WSC members:  Please take a look at the brand new and improved WSC website ( The new website is totally updated and user friendly.  We are also very excited to tell you that we will be adding a secure link to pay your dues on the Website. This feature will be coming very soon. Best regards, David Francis President WSC

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Training coordinator change

From: David Francis To: WSC Membership Dick Striano after many years of being the Training Coordinator has decided to step down from this position as well as being a E-board member. We want to thank Dick for his many years of dedication and service to the members of WSC. I have asked David Griffith to take the “Training Coordinator Position”, to ensure a smooth transition of training between WSC’s Instructors.  The same training rules are still in affect in accordance with the COVID-19 social distancing. An instructor and 2 trainees in the upstairs conference room and an instructor and 2…

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The WSC is open for business!

To the members, The WSC is open for business! We highly recommend to wear face masks when in the club and of course social distancing. We recommend that no more than 6 members in the club at one time. 3 in the gun range, 3 in the archery range. Until we get to phase 2 -  no guest, only Fob holding members. Please respect the rules provided by the state. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your patience. David Francis Ps: Until Phase 2 or Phase 3 there will be no training.

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Un-Authorized WSC Usage

To: All members  From: Dick Striano  Date: 5-5-2020 It has come to our attention that members  have continued shooting at the club (guns and bows) despite being told of closure by the state, town and board. This is a serious matter that affects the future of all of us using the club. The club could be closed down by the town, state, or both.  We have 16 cameras in operation, we also have a system that records the fob number of anyone that enters the club. I have already seen several people on camera using the club, with the exact…

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Status of WSC

From: E-Board To: WSC Membership Good afternoon Club Members, We are following the rules of the State of MA. The club will stay closed until Governor Baker states that it is safe enough to continue with the new normal. After that the President of WSC will authorized the use of the club.  Regards, David Francis President Dick Striano Vice President

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Club closed

To: All members of WSC Date: 20 March, 2020 WSC will be closed as of today 3-20-20 until further notice. Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Very sorry for the inconvenience has caused you. As soon as the State of MA has given the all clear, the club will be open immediately.  Thank you E-Board RESPONSE REQUIRED: That you have received and understand.

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Pistol Training

From: E-Board To: All WSC Members Please be aware  that there will be no pistol training at the club. It is temporarily suspended until further notice.  The Pistol Range will be open for practice purposes only. Just be aware of “Social Distancing” Wipe off your area that you have occupied during your practice session.  The upstairs Archery Range will remain open for those who would like to shoot archery.  It is requested that All club members be aware of the health concerns, during this Coronavirus Pandemic. Regards, E-Board

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Dues Alert

Good morning WSC Members, All dues that have not been paid - pay them now by 20 March 2020. After the 20th of March fobs will be shut off for members who have not paid. In an abundance of caution with the current Coronavirus, please wipe down all surface areas with disinfectant wipes.  Regards, David Francis President WSC

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