Every member shall enjoy access to and use the clubhouse and grounds, and use the indoor ranges and archery ranges with the understanding that their use and conduct shall not interfere with any organized event approved by the executive board. The executive committee may limit access to certain areas of the club in interest of safety or security. Members may enjoy the unlimited use of the fish pond for fishing, casting and skating.

All members hosting guests are solely responsible for their guest’s behavior, conduct, care, custody and control of firearms and or bow being utilized by that guest.

General Membership Rules and Requirements

  • Orientation is mandatory for all members. 
  • Members are required to FOB in every time the building is entered and FOB out every time the building is exited. Failure to do so properly results in the alarm being activated and the police being called. Any member who activates the alarm due to improper use of the FOB will be charged the full amount that the club is assessed by the town for the false alarm. 
  • Range rules must be adhered to at all times. Any violation of the rules will lead to expulsion from the club. Rules are posted in the range and in the rule book. 
  • No targets larger than 24″ or smaller than 5×7″ may be used. Paper targets only! Playing cards, wooden objects bowling pins etc. may not be used as targets. 
  • Members are required to report when he or she observes rules are being violated by another member. To do this please note the date and time of the incident and then either write it on a piece of paper and drop it in the suggestion box near the restroom or call/email a member of the executive board
  • Members are responsible for the activities of their guests. If a guest violates any club rule, the member will be held responsible. 
  • If a member has adjusted the heat or air conditioning for comfort, it must be turned to proper setting before exiting the building. During summer the A/C should be at 76 degrees; during winter the heat should be at 65 degrees. 
  • We have a zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol. Any use of alcohol or drugs either before entering or while in the club will lead to immediate expulsion from the sportsmen’s club and a phone call to your local chief of police. No exceptions. 
  • No smoking is allowed in the building at any time. 
  • Report any damage to the range immediately so it can be repaired as soon as possible.

This is your club so please clean up after yourself, whether it is shell casings in the range, the bathroom or any area of the club.

Range Rules

No one is allowed in the range at any time without visible identification. One of the following is required: member key on lanyard, family member key on a lanyard (available in the range), guest vests (available in range – $2.00 donation required), trainee vests (see instructor).

  1. Eye and ear protection must be worn in range
  2. Keep muzzleS pointed in a safe direction at all times
  3. All firearms must be unloaded until ready to shoot
  4. All firing to be done from the firing line. NO DOWN-RANGE SHOOTING.
  5. Paper targets only no longer than 24 inches
  6. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult member
  7. Members may bring a guest. See guest rules and procedures.
  8. No alcohol or drugs allowed in the range
  9. Handguns and .22 cal. rim fire rifles only, allowed in range
  10. No center fire rifle ammo to be used in the range
  11. Up to 8″ barrels on handguns alllowed
  12. Ammo, either lead or jacketed up to 44 magnum or 45 long colt allowed
  13. NOT ALLOWED: shotguns, black powder guns, armor piercing ammo, quick draw, hip shooting, or shot shell cartridges. No down-range shooting. No center fire rifles.
  14. Use the warning buzzer and red warning light if anyone goes down range for any reason.
  15. Locate target carriers bbetween 15′ and 50′ in gun range.
  16. If all 6 booths are being used and another member is waiting to shoot, please limit your shooting time to a half hour. That seems to be a logical amount of time for a member to wait. This is in effect in many clubs. Simply be courteous to fellow members.
  17. Booth #1 (extreme left) will be designated for instruction, however if no one is being trained it is open to all. Be sure to be familiar with and follow all range rules, they are for your safety and shooting pleasure.

Violation of any club rules may result in the revocation of club membership

Any questions may be directed to a range officer or executive board member.

Archery Range Safety Rules

  1. 5 arrows only should be shot (paper targets only).
  2. Inspect equipment for damage prior to shooting.
  3. Check arrows for cracks, loose vanes, bends, broken nocks, or any condition that may cause the arrow to fly erratically or to rupture when released.
  4. Check bow for frayed string, warped limbs, cracks or other damage that may result in breakage when at full draw.
  5. Shoot only arrows matched to the shooter’s draw length and spine matched to the bow’s draw weight.
  6. Never shoot a bow that is set up for someone else.
  7. Never dry fire a bow.
  8. Never overdraw a bow.
  9. Use proper gear, arm guards, finger tabs, and bow slings.
  10. Most important: Observe the shooting lines and line safety.
  11. Check for clear surroundings before drawing the bow to shoot.
  12. Caution when pulling arrows from target. Make sure no one is behind you.
  13. No broadheads to be shot.
  14. No shooting cross bows.

Violations of these rules may lead to disciplinary action and expulsion from the club.

Guest Rules

  1. All family members are welcome at any time, accompanied by a member in good standing. Family members must wear a family card and lanyard, available in the range. (No donation required for family members).
  2. All guests must wear a visible guest vest available in the range.
  3. A donation of $2.00 per guest and the guest’s sticker shall be placed in the box provided at the door upon completion of range use.
  4. All members are responsible for their guests and their guest’s conduct while they are on club property.
  5. Members in good standing may bring more than one guest into the club. Only one guest with a member may occupy a range station at a time.

Violation of any club rules may result in the revocation of club membership

Any questions may be directed to a range officer or executive board member.