NRA membership is a requirement for range access at WSC.

Fortunately, WSC is able to offer discounted membership rates to the NRA. If you apply or renew your membership through the club you save $10 for one year, 3 year membership save $15, five year membership save $25, lifetime membership save $250.

NRA membership applications for new members and renewals will go out with the fall invoices on the back side of the invoice

Fees if renewed through the club are as follows:

  • One year membership $25
  • 3 year membership $70
  • 5 year membership $100
  • Regular life member $750
  • Distinguished Life Membership  (Age 65 and older or disabled veterans) $375

You will be asked the following information:

Name ________________________________________________

Address (Street) _______________________________________

City ____________________State_____________________________

TEL _________________Email______________________DOB__________

Date of Birth __________________________________________

If a renewal, NRA membership number is  _____________________