Procedures for Instructors for Range and Club Use

  1. All instructors must be registered with the WSC with up to date LTC and MA Firearms Certification prior to any training.
  2. Classes for LTC and FID will now be limited to 3 hours. The only course approved for club use is a basic pistol or FID course. All regular range rules will apply.
  3. Classes for LTC or FID will have no more than 4 students.
  4. All classes must be posted at least 3 days in advance on the calander (on the door to the rear room first floor)
  5. All class requests must be emailed to 3 days in advance.
  6. Use of upstairs hall may be requested, however, its use will be determined by the number and size of classes on that day.
  7. Names, email and phone numbers of all students trained at WSC must be submitted to MA State Police Licensing Department in Framingham MA. That is the Instructors responsibility 
  8. Booth #1 (extreme left ) is being designated for training. Training will be posted on the booth. It may be used if no training is being done. If you are training and it is being used politely tell the person using it that it is designated for training and they must vacate.
  9. All students being trained are to wear the “trainee” vests located in the range
  10. Club training rules and the NRA, specify using 22s only for the actual training. After training the instructor may introduce center fire handguns to be shot. The exception is students from Boston, where they are tested using 38’s. The club should be notified in advance if 38’s are to be used.
  11. The donation of $25 per student must be paid at the time of training. Checks may be left in the guest or locker boxes, or under the office door. In the event that an instructor chooses to do the verbal part of the course outside of the club and train in the range the donation of $25 still applies. Students are not guests.
  12. Instructors should review the instructor training procedures posted on the range door.

Scheduling use of facilities.

To date we have had almost no conflicts. This club can handle several instructors at one time. Training may be done in the upstairs hall, downstairs hall, lobby or even an office. If you know ahead when you will be training mark the date and time on the instructor calendar located on the door to the back room on the first floor. Contact David Griffith 781-261-6936 – cell or

Also, email your request to If you need a particular space, email in advance for approval. You may also contact Charlie Maligno by phone 781-799-8447 (cell)