To All WSC Members,

The yearly dues for Weymouth Sportsman’s Club (WSC) are due by 7 January 2019. If the dues are not received by 31 January 2019 your fob will be turned off. The dues are as follows: $150.00, $25.00 for non-volunteer, $25.00 if you have a locker in WSC. Please be aware these dues keep WSC functioning  – (Utilities & Maintenance). Please respond as soon as possible. Dues are from January 2019 to January 2020.

Please mail your check to the following address

DAVID’S TIRE & AUTO, Karen Francis,

898 Turnpike Street Canton, MA 


Please note: Some of your friends have not received this email for some unknown reason and after this last email final call, when they attempt to enter the club, their FOB will no longer function.

So please spread the word to All your friends that are members of the WSC to mail in their dues.

Also; on the Check add your FOB number and also respond to this email and leave your FOB number so in the event you have misplaced your FOB and need a new one just email and I will have it on file and then I can pass that information onto the Membership person.

Also; Some of the emails I have do not have real names, just the email. Even though you have paid your dues, respond, leaving your FOB number and full name.

Thanks for your patients and cooperation,

David Griffith

WSC Secretary