To: All members 

From: Dick Striano 

Date: 5-5-2020

It has come to our attention that members  have continued shooting at the club (guns and bows) despite being told of closure by the state, town and board. This is a serious matter that affects the future of all of us using the club. The club could be closed down by the town, state, or both. 

We have 16 cameras in operation, we also have a system that records the fob number of anyone that enters the club. I have already seen several people on camera using the club, with the exact time and date they were there. David and I plan to go to the club and check the cameras and computer to identify the individuals, within the next few days. Those identified will immediately have their membership revoked . We can also notify the town and I am sure they will have their gun licenses revoked.

Any member that has used the club after closing can come forward now, before we have to take the time to find you. I will try to work with you to find a better solution. Contact me (Dick Striano) by phone only immediately  781 749 7271.