Notice to all members.    Over the past month or so I have had numerous complaints from the people monitoring the camera security system. People are not following the posted range rules.  These rules are revised constantly to insure everyones safety.  We are in no way attempting to restrict people having fun, however safety must always be our first concern.  If anyone has suggestions regarding range rules please contact me anytime.  First, guests must be under the control of the member.  This means the member supervises and only the guest shoots.  You do not shoot side by side and use more than one booth.  This policy is for all, including law enforcement, security, etc. We do not and cannot have 2 sets of rules. Second, the use of any kind of centerfire rifles.   22s and 22 mag are the only rifles allowed in the range.  Centerfire bullets up to 44 mag are allowed, only through handguns up to 8 inch barrels.  The length of any rifle barrel creates too much bullet speed for our snail system to handle safely. Again no exceptions.  Third, shooting using holsters and fast draw.  No holsters, fast drawing, hip shooting, or timed shooting are allowed.  All of these require specific advanced training and supervision. These techniques are not included in a basic pistol course to get a LTC. Fourth, targets must be 24 inches or less in length. This means 24 inches from the top of the carries.  Cardboard targets are allowed, again up to 24 inches.  This is to keep bullets from hitting the floor. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We all want to keep safety first and remember this is our club and we all need to take care of it.  Thanks, Dick Striano, Chief Range Safety Officer