Hi WSC Members,

It has come to the Executive Board’s attention, via the camera security system that members are bringing guests to shoot without paying the $2.00 fee.  Be advised that 1. we are watching the cameras constantly 2. you are putting your membership in jeopardy 3. If this seems like a small matter to you, it is not. This helps to support YOUR club and will be not be tolerated. Thanks, Executive Board.  

There are several new programs that are available to WSC members. First; A gun maintenance and cleaning seminar, given by Ron Hilgaldo, from Sportsmans Den.  Second; A Refuse To Be A Victim class, including Eddie Eagle for kids presented by Dick Striano. Both classes will be free to WSC members and their guests. However, pre-registration is required.  Let us know what you think about these classes. As well as any other suggestions for classes you may know about.  


Executive Board