In recent weeks we have had several instances of damage being done in the gun range. I fully realize that we are shooting guns and things get hit and sometimes broken by direct shots and ricochets. In two instances it was far more than that. One used shooting low or no light on. Two light fixtures and bulbs were totally destroyed. The second instance was that a steel baffle for the lights was knocked down and left hanging. A broken light was all over the floor. The baffle after it was left hanging was shot at, like a target many times. Both situations are absolutely not acceptable in this club, or really in any club. During both instances people were rapid firing. If this continues rapid fire will no longer be allowed. We really do not want to do this, however if need be we will. Please be aware; that we have numerous cameras covering the range. As you card in we have your card number and time. It is really easy to determine who caused the damage. If we report destruction of property to the police, they will immediately revoke the persons pistol permit. We absolutely do not want to do this. This is our club, all of us and we must treat it accordingly. Enough problems, easy solutions. Damage and accidents can occur, even if you do everything right. If something happens, broken lights, target carriers, rope, etc. please let someone know immediately. If you report it there will be no consequences, provided you followed the range rules and common sense. We all must treat the club as a place to enjoy ourselves that we own. Again, it belongs to each and every one of us, we must treat it that way.


Dick Strianno