Get your dues in soon!
Please get your dues in soon to prevent your card from being shut off. If dues are not paid by the end of the month your card will be deactivated and you will be charged a $15 fee to reactivate your card!

Please shut off lights
Please shut lights off in the range and archery rooms when leaving. Energy costs have skyrocketed the past two months and consideration of members would be appreciated.

NO Small Targets Allowed
No targets smaller than 8×11 may be used in the range, and no paper plates. If anyone is found using these small targets they will lose their membership.

Ladies Night
The club will be sponsoring a “Ladies Night” for women who want to learn about firearms and possibly interested in obtaining their LTC. More info to come.

Venture Crew 73
The Crew 73 Scouts will be at the club on Sunday’s from 1-4 for Robotics. If anyone would like to help out the kids they could use the help. The scouts will also be meeting one other day each week during the next few weeks for the build season which ends the last week of Feb. Thank you to all the members of the club for the support you give to the scouts and also the gracious space to work with them. Yours in scouting, Crew 73 Advisers Maryanne Ivil, Kendall Ivil, Bruce Ivil, Lynda MacDougall, Ella Paczuska, Teresa Paczuska, Greg Paczuski and Ann Marie Murphy.

Ammo Needed
The Junior program needs 22 ammo! Any donation of 22 ammo for the junior program would be greatly appreciated! As everone knows 22 ammo is hard to find. The kids really look forward to coming. Feel free to come on down any Wednesday during the Junior Program to see what we do. Of course we are always looking for volunteers to help us out! Please contact Joe Scolaro 781-706-4183 if you have ammo or are interested in helping out with the Junior Program. Thank you in advance.

Instructors and use of the club
Reminder to instructors that any use of the club must be put on the calendar and an email must be sent to Phone calls do not work. This includes anyone using the club for training, groups of any kind or anything else. All club activities must be approved by the eboard in advanced, as well as any changes in schedules.

We appreciate members helping to plow the club but we pay a company to do this and we have a contract with that company. So please do not plow out the club:)

the Junior Olympic Archery Development program (JOAD). This program is sponsored by USA Archery. JOAD’s main purpose is to enhance the archery skills of each and every archer that joins the program. This can begin at a young age of 8 through age of 20. During that time frame the archer will learn new skills and eventually compete among their peers within their own club or inter JOAD club competition. JOAD Archery practice sessions are held onTuesday’s from 6:30pm to 8pm. There is a $5.00 fee per person for each lesson. The last Saturday of each month “Star Pin” qualifications will be held starting at 9am until 12 noon.
Any questions please email David Griffith the program director with questions and to sign up. Come join the fun!

New Members
All new member applicants are required to attend an orientation meeting following a general meeting the first Tuesday of each month in order to obtain key card access to the club and the range. General meetings start at 8pm and usually last about 20 min. You must submit your membership application 2 weeks in advance of a meeting. We cannot guarantee you will get a card if you don’t do this. Mail in your application or stop by on a Wed. during the Junior program to drop off your application.

NEW Wi-Fi available at the club
The club has guest Wi-Fi connection for members to use while at the club. Please check the bullitin board for password.

The Junior Program
The Junior program meets every Wednesday night 6:30 to 8:00 p.m except during school vacations and snow days. Anyone interested in attending can just stop by on a Wednesday night. Contact Joe Scolaro with any questions 781-706-4183.Junior Rifle Advanced Program
The Junior Rifle Advanced Program meets Friday Evenings from 6:45-8:15pm during the Fall and into the Spring except during school vacations and on snow days. To qualify for the program the students must take a basic rifle training class. This course teaches firearm safety and the fundamentals of competitive smallbore shooting.

Club Contact Information
In order to expidite solutions to problems members encounter please use the following list to contact the appropriate board member to assist you. Remember we are a volunteer organization, no one gets paid for volunteering and board members pay dues the same as every other member. Please feel free to volunteer.

Membership/Dues issues: Maryanne Ivil 781-985-5121
TreasurerCharlie Maligno
Building/range issues maintenance: James Walsh 781-686-2097
Training and hall rentals: Dick Striano 781-264-2884
Junior Program: Joe Scolaro 781-706-4183
Rifle Program: Denise Fisher 781-953-0580
Joad Program: Dave Griffith
Alarm system issues/Building security: Dave Francis 617-328-1645
Lockers: Maryanne Ivil 781-985-5121
Newsletter/Website/Key cards: Mary Langenthal 781-340-6627

Mass certified firearms safety/pistol permit classes and FID classes
Discounted Mass certified pistol permits and FID classes are offered at the club by various instructors. For further info and to sign up call Dick Striano at 781-264-2884 or email

NRA Recruiter – Discounted NRA membership!
Renew your NRA membership or join the NRA and save $10. The club will also receive a recruitment commission. Contact Maryanne at 781-985-5121 and renew at the club.

Get your gear and support the club!
WSC has sweat shirts, jackets, golf shirts, t-shirts and caps for sale with the club logo. There are also WSC lanyards and patches. Contact the club manager or catch up with a member of the executive board on Wednesday evenings or at the general meeting if you would like purchase any of these items.

Pricing: Jackets $55, Golf shirts $25, T-shirts $15, Caps $10, Lanyards $4, Patches $5

B.S.A. Venture Crew 73
The B.S.A. Venture Crew meets regularly at the Weymouth Sportsmen’s Club. Our crew is a group of Boys and girls ages 14-20. Call Maryanne for information 781-985-5121.

If a member knows of a special event or is offering a course and would like it listed on the website calendar just send an email. If you would like to include something in the monthly newsletter such as new activities, upcoming programs or local events that may interest other members, send an email and it will be posted it in the next newsletter.