1st Annual Junior .22 Shooting Competition – Ages 10-17  – Sat. Sept. 24th 1p.m.-5p.m.
$10.00 entry fee includes: One free entry into raffle, free hot dog/hamburger/chips/soda, trophies and prizes. Huge raffle table – all tickets $1.00 or 6 for $5.00. Thank you to our many sponsors who support us: Fore River Bait and Tackle, Monahan’s Marine, Dicks Sporting Goods, Stop and Shop E. Weymouth and Hull Bait and Tackle.

Volunteers still needed for this event from 1pm to 5pm! Call Joe for more details 781-724-1512. See flyerNote this will fullfill your annual volunteer hours.

The Junior Program begins Wednesday September 14, at 6:30 p.m.
The first meeting will be an introduction to archery/rifle-handgun shooting. This year we will be alternating archery and rifle/pistol every other week on Wed. 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Scheduling for the year will be determined after the first program date and then will be available on the club calendar. Interested members please contact Dick Striano at 781-749-7271 or email Dick

We did more publicity this year for the junior program by contacting several scout troops and Weymouth Rec. Dept. We are expecting a large turn out, about 60 already. Volunteer instructors are needed. Contact Dick Striano at 781-749-7271 or email Dick.

Membership Update
We currently have about 325 members. One third of our gross revenue goes to pay taxes alone. The executive board is still working on tax exempt status through a hired attorney. All members of the executive board pay the same membership dues as all members. There are no exceptions and no lifetime members as in the past. The membership most likely will be capped at 400.

Brass in the range
Someone recently took about 1/3 of a bucket of brass from the range. We sell this brass and use the money for the junior program. Please do not take any of the brass from the range. Members are welcome to take back their own brass but not from the bucket. We will be securing the brass now as a result of this.

Committee’s are being organized
Dave Francis is organizing the volunteers. A large sign up poster has been put up at the club for members to sign up for a committee. The committees listed are mainenance, range, events and membership. Dave will be contacting members who have signed up by the middle of September. Committee chairs can report to the executive board at the monthly meeting just prior to the general meetings or submit a report. If you have not signed up on the bulletin board and are interested in volunteering please email Dave or call 617-750-8198.

2011 Elections
Any member who wants to run must submit name to the secretary so ballots may be printed.
If there are no other nominations, the secretary will be directed to cast 1 vote for the slate at the October 4th meeting.
Nominations for office 2011-2012

Locker Fees
Just a reminder, locker fees are due again. Send the money in along with your membership dues. Invoices will be sent out soon.

Reminder To Instructors
Please remember there is a donation of $25 per student which must be paid to the club at the time of training. Checks may be left in the guest or locker boxes, or under the office door. In the event that an instructor chooses to do the verbal part of the course outside of the club and train in the range the donation of $25 still applies. Students are not guests. This money helps support the club.

Also please note: Instructors must mark the date and time of the class on the instructor calendar located on the door to the back room on the first floor.

Recent Disciplinary Situations
To all members: There have been a couple of disciplinary situations in the past month. The club’s rules and regulations have been created so that each and every member shall enjoy access to, and use the clubhouse and grounds in a safe and secure environment. Member use and conduct should not interfere with other members and/or any organized event approved by the executive board. Any violation of club rules may result in the revocation of club membership. Please review club rulesWe are a member driven organization. This is how we keep costs down and enjoy the use of a club that gives back to us what we give to the club.

Bow Hunting
Bow hunting on the property was discussed at the general meeting. This will be discussed at the next executive board. Bow hunting is something that has been for members only. Too many hunters make it unsafe. Rules to follow. Please contact a member of the executive board if you are interested in bow hunting on the property. Private – No Hunting signs need to be posted on the property.

New Member Orientation
New member applicants are required to attend an orientation meeting in order to obtain key card access to the club and the range. All potential new members must sign up for and attend the session.

Orientation dates are usually posted on the calendar. Please send an email to info@weymouthsportmensclub.com with your name and the date of orientation you will be attending or to request the date for the next orientation if not on the calendar. Please note: Your application must be completed and submitted at least one week prior to the date of the new member orientation meeting you will be attending or you will need to sign up for the following month. No exceptions. More information about joining the club can be found here.

If a member knows of a special event or is offering a course and would like it listed on the website calendar just send an email. If you would like to include something in the monthly newsletter such as new activities, upcoming programs or local events that may interest other members, send an email by the 5th day of the month and it will be posted it in the monthly newsletter.

NRA RecruiterDon’t forget, we have our own “NRA Recruiter”. Renew your NRA membership or join the NRA for a discounted rate and the club will receive a recruitment commission. Renew or join today and get your $10 discount!

Get your gear and support the club!
Al Fruzzetti has sweat shirts, jackets, golf shirts, t-shirts and caps for sale with the club logo. There are also WSC lanyards and patches. Call Al at 781-337-3440 or catch up with him at the general meeting if you would like purchase any of these items.

Pricing: Jackets $55, Golf shirts $25, T-shirts $15, Caps $10, Lanyards $4, Patches $5

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