Bottles and Cans
Many thanks to George and Pat Itz for their bimonthly donation of bottles and cans to the junior programr.

Reminder to all members: There is a collection container for bottles and cans on the first floor. All donations are used to support the Junior program.

Volunteer Fee
If you haven’t volunteered or registered to volunteer, please send your $25 volunteer fee to the club. If you are interested in volunteering, send an email to  A date in april will be set up for spring cleaning. The date will be posted at the club as well as an email sent. You can mail payment to the club or drop it off and put it in the mailbox next to the office on the second floor. We will be needing help with the new archery range being constructed outdoors in the spring.

JANUARY SPECIAL – Continuing through February!
Combination special continuing. Get your pistol permit training at the club AND become a member of the Weymouth Sportsmen’s club for one low fee of $200. Call Dick Striano at 781-264-2884 or email

REVISED: Range Rules/Training Rules/Guest Rules
Effective Feb. 1, 2012 there will be new range rules, training rules and guest rules. The rules will be posted outside of the range prior to Feb. 1st. Please read them, they are important for the camera system that will now be monitored daily. It is essential that we know who is using the club and for what purpose. You may also read the updated rules here…

The Junior Program
The program continues to meet every Wednesday night 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m except during school vacations and snow days. Anyone interested in attending just stop by on Wednesday night, contact Dick Striano at 781-749-7271 or send him an email

Next Pistol Instructor course will be offered later in the year
A course was held on Feb. 12th to train people to become NRA and MA pistol instructors for pistol permits. The NRA has new requirements that will require fewer, but larger classes that must be registered with them in advance. If you are interested in becoming an instructor contact Dick Striano for further info. 781-749-7271.

Mass certified pistol permits and FID classes – $100
Discounted Mass certified pistol permits and FID classes are currently being offered at the club for a limited time only. For further info requarding instructors and upcoming classes or to take a tour of the club, call Dick Striano at 781-264-2884 or email at

Other Classes
The Weymouth Sportsmen’s Club offers classes in women’s shooting, scout merit badges for rifle and archery, refuse to be a victim, Eddie Eagle and Mass/NRA certified pistol intructor classes throughout the year. In addition certified instructor classes are offered in rifle, shotgun, personal protection, home firearm safety and range safety officer. If you are interested in a particular class or have a group of people interested in a particular topic, please call Dick Striano at 781-264-2884 or email at

Volunteers appreciated
Please be careful not to put the dirt from the floor in the lead buckets. Thanks for assisting with keeping the range clean.

Heat and Lights
Reminder to members: When using the building we want you to be warm but if you turn the heat up please turn it down when you are leaving. When leaving the range please turn the heat and vents off, as well as the lights. This is everyone’s club, each and every one of us is responsible. Please treat the club as you do your home. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

New Member Orientation 2012
New member applicants are required to attend an orientation meeting in order to obtain key card access to the club and the range. All potential new members must sign up for and attend the session. Orientation is held monthly on the first Tuesday of each month following the general meeting at 8 p.m. Choose a date then email with your name and the date of orientation you will be attending.

Please note: your application must be completed and submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of new member orientation or you will need to sign up for the following month.

In House Membership Drive
Current members will have $10.00 deducted from their 2012-2013 dues for each new member they bring in. The same will apply to instructors for students they train and join the club. A further incentive will be $130.00 total dues for these new members. Put your name and “in house” in the upper right hand corner of their application. Applications are on the shelf of top of the blue lockers, in the back room.

Scituate Rod and Gun Club
In an effort to promote the sport of skeet, the Scituate Rod and Gun club, would like to invite all members of the WSC to come and shoot skeet at the SRGC at the member rate of $3.00 per round. Skeet is run on Sundays from 11am-6pm and on Wednesdays 5pm-9pm, under the lights. Turnout can be sparse on Wednesdays, during the winter months, so it is suggested that you call the club before coming down. (781)545-1510.

If a member knows of a special event or is offering a course and would like it listed on the website calendar just send an email. If you would like to include something in the monthly newsletter such as new activities, upcoming programs or local events that may interest other members, send an email and it will be posted it in the next newsletter.

NRA RecruiterDon’t forget, we have our own “NRA Recruiter”. Renew your NRA membership or join the NRA for a discounted rate and the club will receive a recruitment commission. Renew or join today and get your $10 discount!

Get your gear and support the club!
Al Fruzzetti has sweat shirts, jackets, golf shirts, t-shirts and caps for sale with the club logo. There are also WSC lanyards and patches. Call Al at 781-337-3440 or catch up with him at the general meeting if you would like purchase any of these items.

Pricing: Jackets $55, Golf shirts $25, T-shirts $15, Caps $10, Lanyards $4, Patches $5